About Us

The Cinnamon Snail was born out of a vision to bring vegan food to street, and make it approachable and even craveable to the mainstream non-veg eater, as well as die hard vegans like ourselves.

After working for about a dozen years in various vegetarian, vegan, and vegan friendly restaurants, I felt like I was often preaching to the choir as a chef.  Most people willing to come eat at a vegan restaurant were already vegan, or were very open minded to it.  I created the Cinnamon Snail food truck, so that people would see a line down the block, a display case of really decadent pastries and donuts, smell the bold spicy fragrance coming off our grill, and check out the food, not because it happened to be vegan, but because they could see it was really special flavorful cuisine.   I figured, if people got hooked on the food, they would connect the dots for themselves about why we prepare everything without animal based ingredients.

It’s possible to have extraordinarily flavorful, exciting, nourishing food that can sustain human beings, without having to cause unnecessary suffering to Animals.   Once you eat vegan food that is in fact even yummier, and leaves you feeling better than non-veg food, it becomes very hard to justify continuing to consume animals.

Since I launched the food truck on Valentines Day 2010, we have expanded to serve more communities, and also built locations in Brooklyn and Manhattan. We provide a positive working environment now for about 50 full time bakers, prep cooks, line cooks, drivers, front of house staff, cleaners, and managers.  We are constantly growing and looking to include motivated passionate people on our team.  Apply to be a part of the Snaily crew here

A gaggle of our wild unicorns

adam_8607Chef Adam Sobel

Adam launched the Cinnamon Snail in 2010 and has developed the business from a tiny food truck start up into a growing vegan food empire. Adam creates the recipes, specials, permanent menu items, catering items, and plans new locations and other fun stuff for The Cinnamon Snail.

Adam is the author of “Street Vegan”, a wild and super yummy cookbook on vegan street food. Some of Adam’s favorite things in the world include: his wife Joey and daughters Idil and Ozlem, Yerba Maté, umeboshi plum vinegar, bass heavy music, and his soft soft border collie rescue Mossy (who he wants to get married to).  When Adam isn’t working on the Cinnamon Snail, he also teaches free yoga classes in Red Bank NJ.

anthonyAnthony Spino

– Food Truck Manager 

Anthony keeps our food trucks running at events.
A lot of behind the scenes planning, stocking,cleaning and maintenance goes into the being able to be out bringing great vegan food to the street.
With a charming smile and great organizational skills, Anthony keeps it all flowing smoothly.  He’s like a solid iron stallion in the mist, riding into the glory of the food truck Zanzibar sunset, like a kiwi-berry bison man.

carmen_Carmen Surana

Director of Catering

Carmen had been working for a prominent NYC catering company for years, and came to join our team in 2015, because as a lifelong vegetarian, our cuisine and mission was more aligned with her.

We are so lucky to have such a talented person lead our catering division! Carmen has brilliant attention to detail, and her care and great attitude help make our catering services remarkable.

paintingJoey Smith

– Head Wedding Cakestress
Joey and Chef Adam are super in love and are best friends forever.  Joey creates wedding cakes for The Cinnamon Snail, and often stays up for several days in a row to create meticulously designed cakes.
Joey sees the cake making process as a meditation, and really infuses a lot of love and good wishes for the married couple into the cakes she makes. She specializes in Lambeth method deco, sugar crafted floral work, and string work.  Through years of experimentation, Joey has formulated recipes and techniques which yield really moist delicious cakes, which are made without pre-made chemical laden fondants, or artificial colors or flavors.
Joey also worked a lot with Adam in the beginning days of the business to develop our original donut and pastry recipes.  When not working on cakes, or homeschooling the kids, Joey does licensed wildlife rehab work, helping nurse and nurture and release all kinds of creatures who need help.

john-gallowayJohn Galloway

– General Manager of The Cinnamon Snail at The Pennsy Food Hall

John leads our team in one of NYC’s most fun and refined food halls. Located at one of the city’s biggest commuter hubs, The Pennsy serves a zillion hungry hungry hippos, and also the wildest wacky folks who flock to Madison Square Garden.
John Galloway has a totally made up name. It sounds like the name of a knight doesn’t it? Sir Galloway lives in a castle made out of cotton candy, and does jousting with a 5 foot tall candy crusted sword made of salted pretzel ganache.

jackie-1Jackie Gran

Decorator and Cake Artist

Jackie helps create whimsically decorated treats for our location, and decorates many of our special order cakes.  She is extraordinarily skilled with royal icing work, as well as crafting characters and decorations with gum paste.  Jackie has helped bring to fruition whoopie pies that look like Whoopi Goldberg, our “Inception Donuts” (which are donuts decorated with smaller donuts, which are themselves decorated with even smaller donuts), adorable vegan pop tarts and twinkies, and donuts that have realistic decorations of Donald Trump getting punched in the face. When she’s not at our kitchen decorating crazy things, Jackie is usually flying all about in her hot air balloon…