Custom Cakes

We create custom vegan cakes for all occasions, and pride our cakes on being not only gorgeous and cute, but also exceptionally moist and great tasting.  Our decorators have painstakingly veganized many advanced cake design techniques, including Australian and Japanese string work, lambeth method, royal icing, and gum paste floral work. We offer the option of different flavors for separate tiers of the cake, gluten free cake, matching of wedding dress or decor styles, and other thematic design options.  We are confident that your guests will be blown away by our cakes!

Executive Cakes Princess Joey Smith (Love of Chef Adam Sobel’s life) designs and executes all of our wedding cakes, and more complex cake projects.

What kind of cake?
Basic designed cake (with borders and text only)Bride Groom Cutting Cake (8-12 servings)Simple Wedding CakeCustom Wedding Cake

Number of Servings :

These are a few of the common cake design features which we can perform

Sugar Crafted Floral WorkLambeth Deco StyleString Work (only available on high budget cakes)Cakes textured with Petals or RufflesOmbre FadingCharacters and Custom Cake Toppers

Let us know what flavor you are interested in. Don’t see what you are looking for?These are just suggestions, and we can really do anything (except Red Velvet which requires artificial flavors), so if you are looking for something else, check "other" and tell us all about your wildest cake fantasies.

(If you are ordering a multi tiered cake, you may order different flavored tiers for the fee of $20 per additional flavor)
raspberry chocolate ganachelemon lavender cakes with lemon curd filling and candied lemon rindFluffy coconut cake with whipped coconut buttercreamFluffy coconut cake with lemon buttercreamchocolate spice cake with rum buttercreamChocolate cake with a peanutbutter cheesecake fillingPeanut butter Chocolate Ganachecardamom candied pistachiobourbon hazelnut ganachemaple pecan

Most cakes can be hashed out by email, but some projects require a full on consultation and tasting. The fee for a two person tasting and consultation up to four flavors is $250 with $125 of that deductible for the cake order.
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What design features do you like about these cakes ( from the photos you uploaded )?

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