Gluten Free

We offer a range of excellent Gluten Free items at our locations and for catering, including Gluten Free cakes. 

All of our tempeh, tofu and mushroom items can be made Gluten Free by ordering them either on millet flax bread, over greens, or as a bowl over marinated kale and red quinoa pilaf.  We use wheat free tamari as a a soy sauce, so that our sauces and marinades don’t even involve trace amounts of gluten.   The Gluten Free donuts that we offer are baked instead of fried, to avoid cross contamination that might occur from sharing a fryer with all of the gluten-laden donuts we produce.

If you are super extra hyper sensitive to gluten, you should be aware that our prep kitchen facility, food truck, and locations while 100% vegan and kosher, do process a ton of gluten products.  We do our absolute best to prevent cross contamination, but we are not a 100% gluten free facility.